Formula Drift - Suzuka Twin Circuit

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I've had the extreme pleasure of shooting many drift events from Federal Tyres King of Asia to Okinawa's Super Drift D1, but I've never shot an official Formula Drift event until now!

One of the highlights of my trip was being able to see Yokoi-san again of Team D-max! I dont think he knows my name, he just calls me "Okinawa Camera man" which I will gladly accept ^_^ haha. He was even kind enough to sign a piece of his side skirt that got knocked off during one of his intense battles!! ありがとうございます!!

And another major highlight was seeing my awesome video mentor and friend, Tommy of TOMIMOTO FILMS (@tomimotofilms) seriously check his work out on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.  With a mentor as talented as he is, it's easy to stay inspired! This time around, I got to meet his dope video squad and it was just so much fun meeting new people and talented shooters.  Thanks to them, I also got to get a personal meet and greet with the one and only MAD MIKE!! One of the SICKEST drifters out there... and he was every bit as cool as he is on tv. 

Aside from all the cool drift cars and awesome swag, one of my most favorite parts of these kinds of events is meeting other shooters from around the world.  TURNS OUT...I have brothers in L.A. that I never met until now! haha!! They wouldn't believe me that I didn't grow up in the US!! They said the vibe I gave was L.A. and I'll take that as a very cool compliment.  I'm looking forward to shooting beside them again in the near future and I wish these brothers the best of luck in their business!

Last but not least, it was awesome to see my friends from OKINAWA!!!! Iha san, Daichi san, Jeff san, Megumi san, and Syohei!! Ever since I moved to mainland, it has been a bit of a struggle for me making friends and simple things like getting around make me miss home.  So it was awesome to see Okinawa D1 drivers and EYE CANDY CUSTOMZ again. 

All in all, it was an amazing event to witness and I'd like to thank the Formula Drift staff, all the drivers, and Tuned Japan for having me join as official media coverage. I look forward to the next event and meeting new friends while burning some more tires ;)




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