My first Tokyo Auto Salon!!

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The 2017 TOKYO AUTO SALON.... was so amazing I have no idea where to begin, but I will give it my best shot.

First of all, thank you to Eye Candy Customz of Okinawa ( for inviting me along for the ride.  They flew me from my sister's wedding in the Philippines to Tokyo for three amazing days, and then BACK to the Philippines.

I've always told myself that I will one day come to this amazing event, and finally my dream came true.


Tokyo Auto Salon is one of the top auto shows in the world for custom cars.  Not only are new manufactured cars presented to the world here for the first time, but also popular celebrities, famous drivers, and yes even well known porn stars (lol Japan) can be found at this event representing a car.

Over 400 companies, 4,600 booths, close to 900 cars, and over 400,000 visitors gather at this MASSIVE car show to strut their automobile stuff.  You can buy suspension, brake pads, entire rims, and awesome apparel, plus so much more right at the booths at a discount price.

I can't think of anywhere else where you can grab LOTS of free stuff like cool posters, get autographs, snap pics of cars, and even get into super cars just to feel what it is like behind the wheel.  One of my favorite things that I saw was a driving simulator that analyzed your driving skills on a famous track, while a professional analyzer would replay your footage and give you advice on where to brake and how to improve your lap time.  

The Tokyo Auto Salon has the most participation of brands & models, as well as the most expensive cars found in any car show in the world...

But not only was I able to join this event and snap pictures and videos, but thanks again to Eye Candy Customz, I was able to have a backstage pass and go to places normal media can't go!  I even flew my drone over one of the drift exhibitions!! Secondly, my photos and videos that I shot previously were playing at the Eye Candy Customz booth!!! So as a auto enthusiast and a photographer/videographer, seeing my work on display for hundreds of thousands to see, at an official booth at THE Tokyo Auto Salon really was a dream come true for me...

Did I also mention that Eye Candy Customz is the FIRST EVER car shop from OKINAWA to be invited to have a booth at TAS??? That is HUGE for the little island of Okinawa...

It was amazing to also see some of my video idols like Tommy from Tomimoto Films!!! (@tomimotofilms) ***IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN HIS VIDEOS YET SERIOUSLY CHECK HIM OUT ON FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM*** He brought me back stage of the one and only LIBERTY WALK and introduced me to some awesome people!! 

I wish I had more time to say all my awesome experiences from this past weekend, but it's time for me to catch up on MUCH MUCH needed sleep. Bachelor parties and Auto Salons in two different countries is highly recommended though!


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