King of Asia 2017!!

April 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
I once again had the pleasure of being invited to shoot the 2017 KING OF NATIONS drift competition at the legendary EBISU track!!! And as always, it was nothing short of EPIC. Last year's event was actually the first time I ever got to meet top pro drifters from around the world, and we've all come along way in our careers since then!! ^_^...
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Formula Drift - Suzuka Twin Circuit

April 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
MY FIRST FORMULA DRIFT EVENT!! I've had the extreme pleasure of shooting many drift events from Federal Tyres King of Asia to Okinawa's Super Drift D1, but I've never shot an official Formula Drift event until now! One of the highlights of my trip was being able to see Yokoi-san again of Team D-max! I dont think he knows my name, he just call...
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Kyoto/Himeji video shoot for Chris Willson Photography!

April 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
SORRY I'VE BEEN ABSENT!! As some of you know I just recently moved to Tokyo! I don't have anything in my new apartment (even a bed or pillow!) but all that will come soon! I've been lacking in internet capabilities as well, but I hope you guys enjoy this newest shoot I had. My little sister came to visit me from Oki and we joined Chris and Yuki...
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FIRST EVER 沖縄 Auto Salon!!

January 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
The very first EVER Okinawa Auto Salon!! I had so much fun!! As some of you know, I went to my first ever Tokyo Auto Salon, and it was so awesome to see the same dope cars driving around my home!!:D I had the opportunity to snap some photos for Okinawa Super Drift, Drift Team FBM, Drift Team Special, Craft Factory, Liberty Walk / FORME-1, and Ey...
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My first Tokyo Auto Salon!!

January 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
The 2017 TOKYO AUTO SALON.... was so amazing I have no idea where to begin, but I will give it my best shot. First of all, thank you to Eye Candy Customz of Okinawa ( for inviting me along for the ride. They flew me from my sister's wedding in the Philippines to Tokyo for three amazing days, and then BACK to the Philippines....
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